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Randy Phillips

If you would like photos of current work or have an inquiry about a
commission piece please contact Randy at 575-751-1906.

Artist's Statement

I am not a literalist. I want to paint what I feel, not just what I see.
Through art we attempt to inhabit a place, a moment. Oil on canvas is only
color and shape but it has an amazing power to transport us, to help us
capture the essence the colors, the forms, the pure joy of just being there.

My paintings are vivid, full of life and light, because I use color and
contrast to express my feelings to create an impression to evoke a
response, not merely to reproduce a scene. My goal is to entice you to
share my excitement about the beauty of these special places.


After growing up in Tennessee and living in Florida and Kentucky, Randy came
to the Southwest more than 20 years ago. He quickly developed a fascination
and appreciation for the landscape and architecture found here and that has
guided his artistic vision ever since. He moved to Taos full time in the
summer of 2006.

Randy's work appears in numerous collections around the country. He has been
honored with one-man shows in Taos, New Mexico and Fort Worth Texas, and has
been a featured painter in regional exhibitions. Known for his inventive use
of color, his work continues to gain popularity with collectors and art


  Canal Pilar


Sunflower Church


Tumble-down Adobe




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